Friday – el noche de San Juan esta noche!

I walked over to the entrance way to collect my first student who’d have just completed her listening assignment. ‘Celia!’ I called out, and a lovely looking lady turned round in her chair and smiled at me as she started to gather her possessions.

Having read through her profile I knew something about this woman and from the tone of her writing she struck me as being someone who was fairly kind-hearted (you can tell a lot about the way someone writes if they’re doing so without agenda). She instantly reminded me of Nicholetta Braschi (the female lead in La Vita è Belle – Life is Beautiful) and I felt very comfortable. The lesson went well and I was left with a warm glow afterwards.

Day to day lessons were perfectly fine, mostly enjoyable and generally rewarding. I’m having my second Spanish lesson today which is going to be absolutely vital as I am meeting someone for horchata on Saturday and she does not speak English. It will most certainly be fascinating to see how that unfolds.

So much has happened but I don’t have a clue what to write about, there isn’t anyone I can really dish dirt on right now sadly but I have to give a big shout out to The Croatian Creations who have been absolutely amazing to hang around with since I’ve been at school. My counterparts, colleagues and pretty much siblings I think. That feeling you get when you meet someone new and they remind you of someone really familiar to you…I don’t think it’s that they are necessarily similar to that person, more so that you’re bypassing the whole ‘getting to know you’ part. I definitely had a bit of growing pains with these guys as they were not very supportive of my amateur attempts to speak Spanish and would not stop laughing at me, my sensitivity about the whole thing didn’t help at all. I do remember one Wednesday night when I said bye to everyone and then as I walked round the corner some hot chick was staring at me and walked into my path, “where are you going?” she said and I suddenly realised it was my colleague and took her invitation to go out with them. That night we went to a botellón – which is essentially a mini piss-up in some public square or park or similar.

From the point I met Lucija, me her & Dea went to some American guys flat – he was a pretty cool guy and we started talking (started) about mixing and music and that kind of thing based on the Traktor sticker on his laptop. His two mates showed up, one French guy whose name was definitely Korean but pronounced in a really french accent. The other guy was named Alajandro and he was a really cool guy who liked to smoke out of apple/carrot pipes. From there we went to Deborah’s flat, she was a really cool, I think, Mexican girl who was maybe studying in VLC. In the flat was her and her two mates, one with dark hair and one blonde both wearing shorts which seemed incredibly small and both very easy on the eye (as was everyone everywhere at all times). We played some beer pong and listened to a Fugees album in it’s entirety, sat on the balcony speaking different languages and then strolled on down to the botellón. When we arrived I immediately got the general vibe of the place, it was strange but somehow cool and not threatening or anything. I mingled for a long time and met people from all over Europe and one girl from Morocco (if you learned a language at school just say you don’t speak that language, it’s way better if you speak a tiny bit as a surprise rather than the shockingly small amount of a language you speak being the surprise).

We were at the square/plaza/place until the very fragile hours of the morning and I dragged myself back to the flat after grabbing some piece with Dea, which was a lovely experience.


Author: howlettyouknow

English-teacher living in Valencia, Spain. Aiming to strike a balance between professionally appropriate and candid.

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