Why am I nervous?

Sat in my dining room having set up a makeshift workstation for my imminent Skype interview – I feel nervous and this is a very strange sensation to me. It seems that the main reason for this is due to the fact that I am waiting indefinitely. The call is booked in for 10am and I’m still sat here at 10:11. I’m looking at a notebook which has a checklist for today on one side and some ideas about my blog on the facing page. The first entry is ‘Interview@10am’…if I can make it through this then I’ve started the day in a pretty positive way.

Why do we get nervous before interviews, meeting new people and generally when facing situations which we may perceive as potentially daunting?

It would seem that the main factor here is anticipation. Right now I’m wondering if I look ok; will my headset make me audible; am I the suitable candidate I pertain to be; does the bookshelf behind me look okay; do I have time to grab a cardigan before the lady calls? This and a multitude of other questions racing round my head are definitely assisting in bringing my breathing closer to my throat, away from my stomach. It turns out I most certainly did have enough time to grab a cardigan, the addition of which is most certainly beneficial. The very act of documenting my feelings and experiences is helping an awful lot in calming me back down to what may be seen as a ‘normal functioning level’.

The next time you are going to face a situation which may make you feel nervous, the first thing I would recommend is the remember: remember that it’s okay to feel nervous; remember to tell yourself that it’s going to be alright; remember to keep a check on your breathing (deep breaths into the belly); remember to imagine why you’ve put yourself in this situation (assuming that you have); remember to eat something wholesome beforehand and to drink plenty of water (avoid overdosing on tea, coffee or energy drinks as caffeine is great at heightening anxiety levels).

Each time we do something which tests us and puts us outside of our beloved comfort zone we expand our horizons and open ourselves up to many new potentials.

If we are able to challenge ourselves in this same way on a more regular basis then the rate of expansion only increases, as does our capacity for accomplishment.


Author: howlettyouknow

English-teacher living in Valencia, Spain. Aiming to strike a balance between professionally appropriate and candid.

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